Did an Indiana Democratic delegate switch from Bernie to Hillary?

I know this will have no bearing on the result of the Democratic primaries, and I have come to terms with Hillary being the Democratic nominee.

But something seems fishy about the Indiana Democratic delegate count reported at the Democratic National Convention.

After Rep. Andre Carson gave a hilarious rhyme ending with “Donald Trump and Mike Pence, You’re Fired!”, the tally was reported as 1 abstain, 43 Bernie Sanders, and 48 for Hillary Clinton.

As a delegate at the Indiana Democratic Convention, and someone who promoted and celebrated Sanders’ victory in Indiana, something didn’t seem right to me. I recalled Indiana splitting 39 for Hillary and 44 for Bernie. I doubled checked the list of delegates that were sent to the convention and indeed, we sent 39 delegates for Hillary and 44 for Bernie.

Given the one abstain, I could easily have assumed that was a Bernie delegate, but I’m being told it was that of Congressman Pete Visclosky, one of Indiana’s 9 Superdelegates. The remaining 8 superdelegates all voted for Hillary Clinton, despite Bernie Sanders winning the state’s primary vote.

If 8 superdelegates voted for Hillary, that should have brought the total to 47, 44, and 1.

Did an Indiana Bernie delegate flip their vote to Hillary?

UPDATE: I have confirmed through a delegate that an elected Bernie delegate did in fact cast his or her vote for Hillary.

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